Pride Rainbow Tulle Dress


By purchasing you understand this piece was designed and created by Christina Wells, for Christina to wear. You are buying a fashion piece as-is, as opposed to a ready-to-wear ensemble. No alterations will be made prior to shipping.

  • Date/Event Worn: Pride on the Green performance on June 24, 2022
  • Front Neckline to Center front Hem in Inches (overskirt/underskirt): 58”
  • Waist Circumference:  60″
  • Fabric: This is a glitter detailed black stretch polyester gown to which Christina applied 60 yards of glitter tulle in the colors of the rainbow. It starts with Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and then Red. This dress is built for a reveal with a velcro lined cut down the left center of the front of the dress. It comes with its own custom made garment back to prevent glitter transfer
  • Item Number: 1016

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