Miller Blue/Green/Gold Sequin Gown


Alterations are available for an additional fee. Please email Christina at for a consultation. 

  • Date/Event Worn: Christina Wells Concert at Miller Outdoor Theater on June 25, 2021: Hallelujah Performance
  • Front Neckline to Center front Hem in Inches (overskirt/underskirt): 48”
  • Waist Circumference:  100″
  • Fabric: This dress is made of black velour, and then it has these iridescent multicolored moveable sequins in green gold, and blue. It is a fascinating fabric, and it is in the style of a large mumu. There are no true sleeves, just a hole for the head and a hole for each arm. This dress has a velcro release in the shoulder for my Miller Outdoor Theatre concert’s 2nd reveal. Christina nicknamed this piece the Hallelujah dress in honor of her performance of Hallelujah
  • Item Number: 1027

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